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Resourcing the Church 

At Alpha, our mission is to pave the way for churches to welcome individuals into a relationship with God. In 2023, we focused on crafting content that resonates with guests, simultaneously equipping churches to evangelise effectively and connect with those seeking answers to life's profound questions. Through impactful campaigns such as “At the Table” and “Everyone is Searching,” which reached a combined total of 454,000 people, we significantly expanded our outreach and shared the gospel more broadly in 2023.

In 2023 we worked to create a greater online presence through Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and more. Altogether, through Alpha's campaigns and creative content 1,123,000 people were invited to try Alpha in 2023.









At The Table

What better way to start a discussion than around a table of food? This was the idea that sparked our “At The Table” campaign in 2023. At Alpha, everyone has a seat at the table, no matter if you’re a Christian or on your own journey of discovery. We know that everyone has questions in life and people simply want a place to explore those questions with others who are seeking the same answers. Inviting others to the table is what Alpha does best and, in 2023, we reached 149,000 with this message. How incredible!

Everyone is

Asking questions is at the core of what Alpha does. Alpha is a safe space to explore life’s big questions and it’s the primary reason so many people try it. In fact, we wanted to let people know that everyone is searching for answers and no one is alone. Everyone has questions about life, faith and meaning, and Alpha is a safe space to ask them. In 2023, with our “Everyone is Searching” campaign, we reached 305,000 people with the message that it’s okay to have questions and it’s okay to ask them.

Pray, Invite, Bring.

We capped off 2023 with our Christmas campaign – Pray, Invite, Bring. With this initiative, we were able to equip churches with a simple yet effective invitation to those with questions about Christianity during the time of the year when people are seeking community and purpose. We invited 202,000 people during the Christmas season to try Alpha for the first time! What a way to end the year.


In 2023, our team worked hard to create brand new content for Alpha Youth! We filmed Season 2 of LIFE ESSENTIALS, a collection of short videos designed for teenagers to spark faith conversations with their friends. This season covers brand new topics like FORGIVENESS, HUMANITY, SCREEN TIME, DREAMS, and more. Working to create new avenues for young people to discover faith is one of our primary goals here at Alpha.

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